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Anonymous said: What is the most comical thing that has happen to you during sex? :) Mine was probably getting black face paint all over my boyfriends neck, face, and arms on Halloween in between classes lol


Haha that’s brilliant! It’s awesome that you can see the funny side, I reckon that if you can’t laugh during sex or about a sexual experience with your partner then you’re having sex with the wrong person :P

There have been a few funny moments for me - I think everyone who has had a sexual experience has one! One that stands out for me though is the time when my broadband company rang me while I was having sex; I was waiting for my broadband to be installed so I had to answer the call otherwise they’d postpone my appointment again. So I was just stradding Rory and casually chatting to this Customer Services woman and I kept giggling, Rory wasn’t helping by thrusting occasionally and he kept laughing too… I dread to think what the woman I was talking to was thinking :’)